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Exclusive Opportunity to Mastermind with
Business Blogging and Visibility Expert Denise Wakeman

Half-day (12-5 pm) Business Blogging Master Class
working directly with Denise Wakeman in a small group intensive program.

Don't get left behind by your colleagues and competitors who are effectively using their blogs to attract qualified leads and opportunities to their business every day.

It's a sad fact. About 98% of the business blogs I review are crappy. The author may truly be an expert and a fantastic person who gets amazing results for their clients, but they are sabotaging their business with a poorly optimized blog that works against them in so many ways. In fact, it would probably be better in some cases if the professional didn't have a blog at all since it represents them so poorly for all the world to see.

But that doesn't have to be the case. It's not hard or complicated and when you know what you're doing and make important adjustments, you can significantly capitalize on and profit from the power of business blogging.

Chris CobbAfter meeting Denise Wakeman, founder of The Blog Squad, I decided that I absolutely needed to have Denise review a blog of an author friend of mine. I was totally in awe of not only the thoroughness of the review but also the explanations of why certain things should be changed. They all made so much sense. You know how sometimes you just don’t see something right in front of your face until someone points it out to you?

Since I started making the changes, I’m thrilled to report that traffic has already almost doubled on a daily basis! If you’ve got your blog up and running and doing the typical traffic getting techniques like SEO, backlinking, article marketing, etc., I highly recommend that you budget a comprehensive blog review by Denise Wakeman. It was absolutely a valuable investment for me and I’m certain it will be for you too.

~ Chris Cobb, Affiliate Internet Marketer & Blogger

A well-optimized blog is one of the most powerful marketing tools you can use in your business. It's all about the convergence of search engine optimization and capitalizing on the "know, like and trust" factor to build solid relationships and convert visitors and readers to raving fans.

A great business blog will boost your online visibility to attract more traffic, more leads, more clients and more opportunities for your business. Period.

Or, you can stick with the status quo and wonder why you don't get much traffic…wonder why no one comments…wonder why no one contacts you…wonder why you're struggling to get noticed by the media...

Stick to what you're currently doing (or not doing) and you'll probably come to the conclusion that "blogs don't work" and you'll be wrong. They do work when you employ best practices and are smart about the time and effort you invest.


Join me for a business blogging master class with 7 other success-minded individuals. You get a blend of mentoring from me and masterminding with a group of smart, savvy business owners so you can accelerate your online marketing success and leap past your competition.

Focused on YOUR blog, we'll cover:

  • A review of your blog with specific steps you can take to make it a more effective marketing tool

  • Strategies for keeping your blog updated without spending a lot of precious time

  • How to write effective blog post titles and content using your keywords so you get more traffic

  • How to create content in your own voice about your products, services, values and business

  • Creating your customized editorial calendar

  • How to engage your audience and move them to action

  • Driving traffic to your blog site

  • How to use social networking sites to build your readership

  • How to manage your time effectively and efficiently

  • Developing a plan for maintaining a highly visible presence on the Web

  • Answer your burning questions about creating online visibility

Bonus Support:

  • Follow-up video coaching ($300 value)

  • 2 group coaching calls to support your implementation ($197 value)

Strictly limited to a maximum of 8 highly motivated professionals who seriously want to improve their online marketing strategies, tactics and results.

I'm offering a very special rate as my gift to you, deeply discounting my usual consulting fees.


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Limited to a maximum of 8 people.

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I look forward to working with you so you can profit from your business blog!

Denise Wakeman
The Blog Squad